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Ok, so here I am clicking around becauze school is closed and it's fun joshing around doing a whole lot of Nothing! However, I must admit that it can backfire as well. When you're not putting yourself to work, you're really rusting away. I'm going to be honest, doing nothing for the past 10days has me like: "hmmmmm...skewl? Do I really need 2get back?" --(goodness, I awlays forget, quotation marks outside or inside!? Ugh.)-- Wait, there is more: "..., those episodes of regis&kelly are funni as hell! & RachelRay is teaching madd recipes!"

I've been doing plenty of daytime viewing, boy do I feel like a 'desperate collegewife'...<<kinda funni/wack.
I draw the line when it comes to daytime soaps. Tv goes OFF after Rachel; I then pop-in the dvds or roll over and go BACK to sleep!

Reminder!!!Don't expect this note to be meanful, lets not lose focuz, the title is "Tangent" and thts wht you'll be reading!

Tangents are fun, I remembr the first time I heard the term. I'm sittn in english class, and my classmate tells the teacher "I dnt mean to go on a 'tangent' but why is that..." The rest got blocked out cuz I turned to the front like wht type of magic she tryna pull?! 'Tangent' man that sounded like it mistakenly came frm her lips, I mean, dis chick, -er, young lady, spoke in double negatives for days! I.E."She ain't never goin' " -Awww man, another black teen speaking poorly! -Gosh, tht cut deep.- I truly thought she made it up or said it incorrectly, until a teacher said it in another class. I STill couldn't believe she taught me tht word. Don't get me wrong, we all know that one friend, in school with us, where you look at them and ask: "How did U get here?" They can be slower than Dora waiting for your nephews/nieces to answer where the darn map is pointed too! --Word up! I mean, its like these kids formed a group and said: "Forget 'Rich boy' throw some ] F's [ on that B****h!" *chuckles a bit* ...............nxt digression........
I'm jus looking over my tv screen, got some corny behind dvd playing,'Love Comes Softly', something about folks in the fields, and horses, your typical country "love story" setting. It ain't too bad, I love me some country, that girl Carrie Underwood iz hottt! I'd hit a fella's car with a slugger too! But, itz jus that bluegrass I can't get down with, I jus can't! ....hmmmm, I take that bak, I actually can. I used to boogie to it in high school gym, there was this one cut for Square Dance tht was hot. ::California twirl, California twirl::

Going to bring this 'tangent' to an end, I wanted to start this piece being all introspective, and mind-blowing, with priceless life gems and got silly instead. Life is...how is it said these days??...Short.
...o yea, HappI N3w Yearz!

P.s. My apologizes for the unique spellings and short hand. Hope you enjoyed your stay, and tune in next time! #That's All FolkS#


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Jul. 17th, 2009 09:23 am (UTC)
welcome bizzak
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