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Tangent Pt.3

Hmmmm, just watching "The Women" which was a play before it hit the big screen a while ago. Though, there was a movie made on the play wayyyyy back in the day. Tht iz if I remembr correctly reading the background of film n whatnot. I'm really loving the film now, it's my new favorite! Laughs* Jada did great n Eva mendes was an interesting vixen, she played that part well! But, I also have aaliyah playing in the background, I mean, 96% of the time I have some type of background music! It bothers some of my buddies though since I tend to sing or hum along middway of our conversation! Chuckles* but, I am pretty okay with listening to aaliyah again, cuz a while back I was watching some of her vids n got madd sad. Like: "dang, she dead, its f'ed up she just gone". Idk, but how she died was jus sadd az hell. Even dudes agree, n well all knw they try n go hard, so itz funny to hear them agree.

Since I'm mentioning music, I have a new favorite recording artist, drumb roll! Itz, itz, itz,....Lady GaGa! She is so fresh, new, and flyyy! Rockstar status! *laughs* she not really a rock star but her bio is interesting, n her stage performances are gr8t. She will be in NY the end of march I may go with my bestie homie. Her cd iz gr8t, so if you want to listen somehting intersting give her a listen. You may have heard her singles, "Just Dance", "Poker face" or "Beautiful, Dirty Rich". I want to try and give some other genres a chance, I mean, there is a whole world out there bigger than what they play on Hot97! N I love tht station, but, I really used to think wht they played was all there was to banging music n no else compared. Hmmm, being small-minded n limited nevr made neone cool! It iz taking me a hot minute to do this because I love RnB so much!

Ooooooooo, next musical tangent! Teairra Mari! She has a new video with Pleasure P, "Hunt 4 U". It had to grow on me at first, but I like it now. I love her story, a young lady coming out the same time as Rhianna and got dropped from Roc-a-fella --(nas: I roc hoes/you rock fellas)-- <-lol. But, Teairra did not fallback n get a wack job at WholeFoods, she is still at it. Though she did shy away from the public for sometime because of some doubt she had. Her singles "U Said" & "Built For This" really show where she is at and how she feels about being dropped but still continuing her "thang"!

Hmmmmmm, finances! I want to be finacially free, and I am ready to get serious about it. No more liabilities! Some expenses can really be eliminated. I will start saving more, no more procrastinating. And I will start reading "Think, Grow, Rich, a BLack Choice".......

Song currently playing: The Fame -Lady GaGa.

P.s. Pardon the errors, this will be revised pretty soon.



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