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Tangent Pt.6

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Hellooo otra!

i am done eating,i had crunch berries. they were nice pero, nothing iz better then frosted flakes! lol.
i am watching LCBabiee on bloggtv and it is soooooo0o0o funny, her aunt is like dancing in the backgrnd! i cud totally c my mom or aunt goofing around like too! hahaha.

i am like watchin at the same time i am typing this! lol.

so its like four now and i am jus up and typing and moving around like i could nt have dne this earlier.
i think tht i will totally oversleep! lol.

additionally, i want to make a new series for utube. idk if u watched but i had made a theme song for it. it's a sample for now. i am gettn a hang of this and its coming together okay.

for some reason i cannot edit movies on my laptop for utube and i was FInaLLy gettn a hang of edits[windows movie maker].
so anyway, if u read this do share three great TANGENTS with me! ttyll...bz watching LC i am distracted. lol.

P.S. pardon ne error, i cudnt wait to post! loolololo

Tangent Pt.5

i have not writtn a tangent since i had my old skLX.
so moving along it is like three in the morn n i will be going to 6flags in like five hrs. this is the time tht i need to sleep! i am not sleeping, but does it really matter? I ask tht bcuz i shud b able to sleep on the wai dere. *sighs* i am hungry too!

O! this reminds me! I have a new love on youtube:LCBabiee! she is flyy and bursts with attitude and personality.

Speaking of personality have you checked out my blogs on Collegejolt.com by college students for college students? My section is about music, do read, it will be a blasttt! lol.

i think i will get up and have some cereal, i am too hungry to type tangents thinkin of food. i must mange!

ttyll. commentShareEnjoyyyy
P.s. pardon the typos and errors, i am too impatient to proofread right now...fml *chuckles*

Tangent Pt. 4

Phew! 4 tangents alreadi! If I didn't hav such a journey figuring out where to wrtie a note each time I login into facebook there would be more.

So anywhoooooooo, off to my tangent of digressions. I love using those terms together, itz un-repetitive repetition! Ha! [Gosh, I need something to do.] The obvious, school is open! How are those schedules coming along? (Rhetorical. I can't hear ur responses) As I mentioned schedules, I am reminded that I hav forgotten to check Meeting Maker for my work schedule, I need 2get it in one piece, or in a common term, "together!"

I'm waiting for my train. Where is my train! I feel like the the main character in the Dr. Suess book; "Where Is My Mother?" I'm searching hard for this Son-Of-A-Gun.

Today, I went to a poetry club meeting, and it felt grand! (Yes, I use dat word)

To see words, to feel words, to hear words used so gently was beautiful; it had me feeling some type of way. Being there, sharing, and listening to others recite rekindled (recycled word {blah}) my interest and joy for writing poetry, my interest in gettng concise/descriptive, showing more than I could ever tell. *sighs*

**Signed off 'til next time or later!

Tangent Pt.3

Hmmmm, just watching "The Women" which was a play before it hit the big screen a while ago. Though, there was a movie made on the play wayyyyy back in the day. Tht iz if I remembr correctly reading the background of film n whatnot. I'm really loving the film now, it's my new favorite! Laughs* Jada did great n Eva mendes was an interesting vixen, she played that part well! But, I also have aaliyah playing in the background, I mean, 96% of the time I have some type of background music! It bothers some of my buddies though since I tend to sing or hum along middway of our conversation! Chuckles* but, I am pretty okay with listening to aaliyah again, cuz a while back I was watching some of her vids n got madd sad. Like: "dang, she dead, its f'ed up she just gone". Idk, but how she died was jus sadd az hell. Even dudes agree, n well all knw they try n go hard, so itz funny to hear them agree.

Since I'm mentioning music, I have a new favorite recording artist, drumb roll! Itz, itz, itz,....Lady GaGa! She is so fresh, new, and flyyy! Rockstar status! *laughs* she not really a rock star but her bio is interesting, n her stage performances are gr8t. She will be in NY the end of march I may go with my bestie homie. Her cd iz gr8t, so if you want to listen somehting intersting give her a listen. You may have heard her singles, "Just Dance", "Poker face" or "Beautiful, Dirty Rich". I want to try and give some other genres a chance, I mean, there is a whole world out there bigger than what they play on Hot97! N I love tht station, but, I really used to think wht they played was all there was to banging music n no else compared. Hmmm, being small-minded n limited nevr made neone cool! It iz taking me a hot minute to do this because I love RnB so much!

Ooooooooo, next musical tangent! Teairra Mari! She has a new video with Pleasure P, "Hunt 4 U". It had to grow on me at first, but I like it now. I love her story, a young lady coming out the same time as Rhianna and got dropped from Roc-a-fella --(nas: I roc hoes/you rock fellas)-- <-lol. But, Teairra did not fallback n get a wack job at WholeFoods, she is still at it. Though she did shy away from the public for sometime because of some doubt she had. Her singles "U Said" & "Built For This" really show where she is at and how she feels about being dropped but still continuing her "thang"!

Hmmmmmm, finances! I want to be finacially free, and I am ready to get serious about it. No more liabilities! Some expenses can really be eliminated. I will start saving more, no more procrastinating. And I will start reading "Think, Grow, Rich, a BLack Choice".......

Song currently playing: The Fame -Lady GaGa.

P.s. Pardon the errors, this will be revised pretty soon.

Tangent Pt. 2

The []Tyra Show[],.. I get the business aspect of her having a talk show. She's a well known public figure and is a sure fire person 2pull in ratings. The show iznt tht bad, but it loses it luster when the topic is not about her or fashion. I mean, watch her closely, she looks off into the camera set when she asks "how do you feel? Tell me how that made you feel?" n immediately she waits for a response looking off into the set. Can someone detect "uninterested?" Itz so funny, 2me. Tyra just looks bored as h3ll.

And that ikea commercial with the lady rushing out the store tellling her husband to "Start the car, Start the carr!" great marketing, sales so cheap, it feelz like a steal. I love it, gives me a laugh each time I see it
I think I wanna get some Edy's frm Shoprite....

O yea, tht new wedding movie wit the two girls(bff's) fighting cuz their weddings were bookd on the same dai, looks cute. Nice to see Hathaway in a cattty rolle.......
Until, the next tangent! *laugghs*


Ok, so here I am clicking around becauze school is closed and it's fun joshing around doing a whole lot of Nothing! However, I must admit that it can backfire as well. When you're not putting yourself to work, you're really rusting away. I'm going to be honest, doing nothing for the past 10days has me like: "hmmmmm...skewl? Do I really need 2get back?" --(goodness, I awlays forget, quotation marks outside or inside!? Ugh.)-- Wait, there is more: "..., those episodes of regis&kelly are funni as hell! & RachelRay is teaching madd recipes!"

I've been doing plenty of daytime viewing, boy do I feel like a 'desperate collegewife'...<<kinda funni/wack.
I draw the line when it comes to daytime soaps. Tv goes OFF after Rachel; I then pop-in the dvds or roll over and go BACK to sleep!

Reminder!!!Don't expect this note to be meanful, lets not lose focuz, the title is "Tangent" and thts wht you'll be reading!

Tangents are fun, I remembr the first time I heard the term. I'm sittn in english class, and my classmate tells the teacher "I dnt mean to go on a 'tangent' but why is that..." The rest got blocked out cuz I turned to the front like wht type of magic she tryna pull?! 'Tangent' man that sounded like it mistakenly came frm her lips, I mean, dis chick, -er, young lady, spoke in double negatives for days! I.E."She ain't never goin' " -Awww man, another black teen speaking poorly! -Gosh, tht cut deep.- I truly thought she made it up or said it incorrectly, until a teacher said it in another class. I STill couldn't believe she taught me tht word. Don't get me wrong, we all know that one friend, in school with us, where you look at them and ask: "How did U get here?" They can be slower than Dora waiting for your nephews/nieces to answer where the darn map is pointed too! --Word up! I mean, its like these kids formed a group and said: "Forget 'Rich boy' throw some ] F's [ on that B****h!" *chuckles a bit* ...............nxt digression........
I'm jus looking over my tv screen, got some corny behind dvd playing,'Love Comes Softly', something about folks in the fields, and horses, your typical country "love story" setting. It ain't too bad, I love me some country, that girl Carrie Underwood iz hottt! I'd hit a fella's car with a slugger too! But, itz jus that bluegrass I can't get down with, I jus can't! ....hmmmm, I take that bak, I actually can. I used to boogie to it in high school gym, there was this one cut for Square Dance tht was hot. ::California twirl, California twirl::

Going to bring this 'tangent' to an end, I wanted to start this piece being all introspective, and mind-blowing, with priceless life gems and got silly instead. Life is...how is it said these days??...Short.
...o yea, HappI N3w Yearz!

P.s. My apologizes for the unique spellings and short hand. Hope you enjoyed your stay, and tune in next time! #That's All FolkS#


so, i have my own blog space! yay! hm, ok now that the excitement has been let out, wht do i say, or type now?
i love twinkies! i love running, n my fave color is not red though my profile pic looks to be otherwise. hmmmm, i have kimora's book, Fabulosity, about five times! i love it, i think i will read it when i get home.
so enough of my drivel, I shall return with more substance by the next entry, hopefully.



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